Tiiger Utility and Pole Pulling equipment ergonomically designed to save time, equipment and lives.

Tiiger, Inc., formerly Thiermann Industries has been manufacturing products for electric utilities and contractors for more than 30 years. Tiiger’s founder, Mr. William “Tiiger” Thiermann, a lineman for Wisconsin Electric Power Company, set high standards in the design and manufacturing of our products. He followed one simple rule, the best tools are those designed by linemen for linemen. To this day we follow his lead with the best-built, quality equipment in the industry.

Our flag ship product is our Ultra light weight pole puller, at only 57 pounds represent a product that is well over 65 pounds lighter than competitive products.  The pole puller provides the safest and most efficient method for pole removal.

The pole puller product is further supported with accessories, such as our pole puller pad, and the

Cube portable hydraulic pump to operate the pole puller.  Used when a line truck in not available or a confined space with limited access for the truck.

The material handling equipment includes products for safe and efficient handling of poles, pole mounted transformers, pad mounted transformers, wire reels, and general-purpose utility carts.

At Tiiger we are constantly adding new products to make the job of our nations linemen safer and more efficient. All Tiiger products can be modified or custom designed to fit your specific applications.

Tiiger’s products can found across the U.S. as well as in major utilities in Canada, Mexico and Australia.

All Tiiger products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 1-year from date of shipment.